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Welcome to Limoud 2018 !!!

Dear Limudniks,
The French Limoud team (u=ou in French) wishes you all the happiness and the success you deserve for 2018. Let us add to it love and health and that should be a great year!
We hope you've managed the new year's resolution, and that you add to it our limoud conference happening near Paris on the 9, 10 and 11th of March 2018.
Registrations are open since the 26th of December and spots are already running out. Don't wait any longer, until the 26th of January you'll get our early birds price!
A sneak peek at the program? Check this out!
. What do you think about learning about the Tale of the maranes,  
. inclusion in Israel,
. leadership in the Bible,
. sustainable love?
. How about discovering life in a kibbutz in 2018?
. Or hypnosis for kids?
. Would you like to learn the flamenco?
. Or if you're a musician how about joining a jam session?
One limoud for all as you can see!
This year will have a special taste as Limoud France is turning bar mitzvah ;-) celebrating 13 years of Jewish culture and learning in France.
So let's celebrate together!
Book your week end or Sunday only pass with us now!
For more infos, call us at +337 6307 2005. And join us on Facebook to get live updates and join our community!
See you in March!
The France Limoud team

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